Vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers

for pharmaceutical, chemical and fine chemicals industries.

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers. Cutting-edge equipment and systems, customised based on the application and customer’s production requirements.
Moving every day forward the border of innovation.
The highest quality levels with total respect for the environment and in compliance with the newest international standards.
This has been our mission for more than 80 years.
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Vacuum pumps

Italvacuum can supply single stage, two-stage and two-stage vacuum pumps with one or two roots, including skid solution.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum dryers

Italvacuum has a wide range of vacuum dryers and can supply them
in a turn-key solution.

Vacuum dryers

Application Sectors

Fine chemicals
Plastic Materials

Our services

Prove pilota
Pilot Tests

Italvacuum has a complete range
of pilot systems at its facilities which make it possible to carry out semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests on customer products.


The excellent level of technical know-how
and extensive knowledge of the chemical
and pharmaceutical field have allowed comprehensive expertise in vacuum drying processes to be developed within Italvacuum’s Technical Department.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Italvacuum’s customer service team consists
of a highly specialised staff who operate in the following areas: 1) Planned Preventive Maintenance; 2) Technical Support; 3) Spare Parts Warehouse; 4) System Revision and Refurbishment.

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Italvacuum to attend PCH Meetings

17 nov 2021

Italvacuum will attend PCH Meetings, the 17th International business convention for pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical ...

Authorized Exporter!
Authorized Exporter!

28 giu 2021

Italvacuum has been granted the status of Authorized Exporter by the Customs Agency. Thanks to this qualification, Italvacuum s.r.l. about vacuum ...

Bi Evolution®
Bi Evolution®

06 apr 2021

Italvacuum is pleased to announce that Bi Evolution® trademark has been officially certified and registered by the US Patent and Trademark office, ...