Rotary Dryer
Double cone for double drying results

Bi-Evolution Dryer® is a rotary cone vacuum dryer, capable of totally extracting solvents and water from moist masses mainly from centrifugation or filtration processes. A Double cone dryer suitable for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, fine chemicals and chemicals.



Fine Chemicals


Metal Powders

Food Ingredients & Additives

Color pigment

Designed to guarantee the best possible result

Bi-Evolution Dryer® can be used with the widest range of products, whether intermediate or fine chemicals. It also allows efficient drying of friable, easily degradable, temperature and photosensitive products, as well as sterile/injectable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or chemical reagents

Versatile industrial dryer that is safe for operators as it minimises cleaning and inspection time, allowing you to quickly switch from one product campaign to another. Designed and built to comply with increasingly stringent safety regulations. It is also cGMP compliant and built to UL and ASME standards, including associated certifications.
Bi-Evolution dryer certifications

Why choose Bi Evolution Dryer

 Industrial dryer

Absolute safety for operators

Homogeneity and uniformity of the dried batch

Gentle rotation of the drying chamber

Very low final moisture values

Pure product

Very high final vacuum values

Fast and total product discharge

Easy cleaning (SWAB test)

ATEX, UL, PED and ASME certifications

FDA validation and approval

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Main Features

Homogeneous stirring

Everything in the Bi-Evolution Dryer®, from the structure to the smallest detail, is designed for maximum efficiency in the drying process.  The central body of the dryer consists of a rotating biconical drying chamber, characterised by soft lines without edges or recesses. During rotation, this structure facilitates the total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and enables it to be stirred evenly.

Automatic loading and unloading systems

For the loading and unloading of the product Italvacuum has developed special pneumatic systems, which allow to have a fixed connection position and a mobile approach element, which is moved from time to time to connect to the Bi-Evolution Dryer® hopper, thus creating a closed connection, perfectly isolated from the surrounding environment.

For the various product loading/unloading solutions, the flexibility of design and construction allows both the use of butterfly valves (standard equipment) and active or passive split valves, which are mounted directly on the dryer.

Pneumatic drum loaders and lump breaker blades

For product loading, a drum loading device is available, which is mounted directly on the dryer and consists of a pneumatically driven moving part that connects the drum, containing the product to be treated, to the hopper. The rotation of the biconical chamber tilts the drum so that the product falls under the effect of gravity into the bicone.

Two sets of lump breakers can be installed in the drying chamber. 
Their action not only prevents the formation of agglomerates, but also allows the dried mass to be pulverised during the last stage of the process, limiting the subsequent use of the mill to a minimum. 

Italvacuum indicates as Criox® System the biconical rotary vacuum dryer with the lump breaker assemblies. For more information about this accessory, please see the specific product page.

Safety filter and total discharge system

Based on the experience gained in the optimization of the drying process, Italvacuum recommends evaluating the use of an external cyclone heated safety filter, designed to avoid pressure drops and condensation phenomena, to fully protect the vacuum line.

Italvacuum has created a special total discharge device which, thanks to its rotation, allows you to completely remove and extract dried products that have difficulty in sliding inside the drying chamber. This device - called “Easy Unloading” - guarantees absolute vacuum tightness and does not involve problems for internal cleaning.

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Bi-Evolution Dryer® is designed to offer a wide range of capacities, with volume from 55 to 12,000 liters. The maximum load level depends on the product treated. The below indicated dimensions change if it is equipped with groups of lump-breaking blades.

 Bi-evolution Dryer dimensions
Bi-Evolution Dryer® model 55 200 350 600 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 12000
Total volume (l) 55 200 350 600 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 12000
A (mm) 960 1330 1470 1700 1980 2390 2730 3000 3360 3560 4070
B (mm) 2625 3075 3340 3670 4060 4420 4780 5190 5510 6020 6430
C (mm) 1675 2095 2165 2445 2695 3050 3255 3440 3780 3880 4135
D (mm) 805 890 780 830 810 730 635 554 530 380 130
E (mm) 1448 1796 1900 2175 2420 2770 2975 3120 3490 3580 3850
F (mm) 1195 1430 1430 1595 1705 1855 1900 1940 2100 2100 2100

The rotation speed of the chamber is adjustable, allowing gentle to moderate agitation. This allows to treat even products with weak bonds, without altering their molecular structure. In the parts in contact with the product, the standard version is made of 316L stainless steel. However, at the customer's request, it can be made from different weldable materials, such as Hastelloy C-22 and 904L stainless steel, or coated.

In addition to the dryer, Italvacuum is the only company in the world able to manufacture in-house the auxiliary units that complete the system, suitably sized to meet every process requirement, including the vacuum system:

Installation scheme

A machine used in multi-product chemical-pharmaceutical production must be easy to clean to:

  • meet the validation procedures imposed by FDA standards
  • ensuring contamination-free products
  • facilitate and speed up campaign changes.

4 main steps:

  • Easy internal cleaning
  • Easy disassembly of internal parts
  • Easy internal inspection and swab testing
  • Easy external cleaning

Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

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