Rotary dryer with lump breakers 
Patented quality

Criox System is a patented Rotary Dryer that extracts all types of solvent and breaks up any remaining lumps. A mix of power and intelligence to ensure the highest quality and productivity in drying processes, one of the top machines in the Italvacuum range.



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Food Ingredients & Additives

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From Shape to Result

From the structure to the smallest detail: everything in the CRIOX® System industrial rotary dryer is designed to ensure that the entire production process delivers maximum results. Starting with the shape of the central body: the rotating biconical chamber of the rotary dryer, characterised by soft lines, facilitates the complete and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allows an extremely homogeneous and uniform stirring compared to a classic rotary drum.

The rotation speed of the chamber is adjustable, allowing gentle to moderate agitation.

CRIOX® System is the biconical rotary vacuum pulveriser dryer ideal for drying moist masses from centrifugation or filtration processes. Thanks to two powerful groups of electric lump-breaking knives, CRIOX® System completely crushes any possible block of product, thus obtaining dry powders ready for riddling and bagging.

Multi-product industrial dryer, can be used with the widest range of products possible both with crystalline and amorphous structures, effective mixer or homogenizer also used as a wet granulator, safe for operators, the environment and the product, because it is designed and built in compliance with European Directives CE, ATEX and in compliance with the increasingly stringent FDA regulations and cGMP good manufacturing standards

Certifications Criox System

Why choose Criox System

 Rotary dryer with lump breaker

No product build-up

Gradual powdering during the cycle

Reduced drying time

Larger surface area exposed to evaporation

Low final moisture values

Maximum ease of cleaning (SWAB TEST)

Quick and total product unloading (Easy Unloading)

Guaranteed product purity

Total system automation

Accessories and components

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Main Features

Complete revolution and lump breaker

The biconical shape of the rotating chamber of the dryer is characterised by soft lines, facilitating complete and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allow an extremely homogeneous and uniform stirring.

The maximum industrial drying result is guaranteed by the presence inside the rotary biconical chamber of two powerful units of lump-breaking knives.
The exclusivity of the CRIOX® System patent allows to increase the product surface exposed to evaporation and to increase the effectiveness of the system.

Combined action

Thanks to the rotation of the chamber, the lump-breaking knives pass through the product alternately and self-clean when they emerge. Their action offers a twofold advantage: it prevents the formation of product agglomerates and allows the dried mass to be ground and pulverised during the last stage of the process with a controlled grain size. 

Acting in the mass of the product to be dried, the lump breakers significantly reduce the drying time and ensure extremely low residual moisture levels. Furthermore, they allow to operate at low operating temperatures, to the advantage of the purity of the most delicate and thermolabile products, avoiding their degradation.

Electric engines

CRIOX® System is the only biconical rotary vacuum dryer on the market that allows the lump breakers to be operated electrically. This is very important, because lump breakers powered by electric motors provide unique performance and benefits:

  • control of rotation speed and constancy of the selected speed
  • programming of activation cycles
  • constant torque as speed varies 
  • absorption control
  • reliability and long life, even in heavy-duty applications
  • low maintenance

Accessories and components

The CRIOX® System dryer has a specific range of accessories and components specially designed and patented for all kinds of production requirements. Special solutions for maximum results in any application: 

  • Filtration systems;
  • Automatic loading and unloading systems;
  • Pneumatic drum loading;
  • Easy Unloading;
  • Opening door;
  • Clean loading – Clean Connex.

Would you like to know more? We are at your disposal, ask for the Criox System catalogue.

From laboratory to installation, our pilot plant 

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CRIOX® System allows the widest sizing possibilities, because it can be made with volumes from 55 to 12,000 liters. The maximum load level depends on the product treated.

Dryer dimensions | Criox
Total volume (l) 55 200 350 600 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000
A mm 1150 1730 1950 2100 2300 2460 2600 2700 2920 3120 2560 3750 4000 4300
B mm 2060 3120 3350 3600 3800 4050 4250 4360 4650 5000 5500 5750 6500 7000
C mm 1825 2200 2400 2630 2850 3100 3160 3200 3360 3500 3850 3950 4200 4400
D mm 780 780 780 830 810 815 730 640 630 560 530 360 360 360
E mm 1520 1520 1900 2175 2425 2710 2770 2855 2975 3120 3490 3600 3900 4100

The CRIOX® System vacuum dryer presents a specific series of accessories and components specially designed and patented for every type of production requirement. Special solutions to guarantee the best result in any application.

In the standard version of the CRIOX® system, the parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, but on request they can be made of other weldable materials, such as ALLOY C-22 and AISI 904L.

In addition to the CRIOX® System, Italvacuum is the only company in the world able to manufacture in-house the auxiliary units that complete the system, including the vacuum system that make the CRIOX a vacuum dryer:

Installation scheme Criox

CRIOX® System has been designed and built to make cleaning operations absolute quick and effective.

  • Easy internal cleaning
  • Easy disassembly of internal parts
  • Easy internal inspection and swab testing
  • Easy external cleaning

Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

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