Multi Patented Paddle Dryer

Planex System is a Vacuum Paddle Dryer designed to dry wet flowing powders from filtration and centrifugation processes Planex® System is ideal for the production of:
Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), Fine chemicals and Intermediates.



Fine Chemicals



Plastic & rubber

Forget conventional dryers: this is a whole other planet

Planex® System horizontal vacuum dryer designed and manufactured by Italvacuum introduces a real revolution in vacuum drying. The Planex® System is a multi-patented machine, which is guaranteeing results unthinkable until now with conventional systems, both horizontal and vertical, thanks to the special horizontal vacuum vacuum dryer with eccentric agitator with two independent movements, able to rotate simultaneously on its own axis and tangentially to the drying chamber.

Certifications Planex System

Why choose vacuum dryer Planex

Horizontal vacuum dryer

Hold up free

Zero friction® stirring

Controlled final grain size

Maximum ease of cleaning (Swab test)

Reduced energy consumption

Easy disassembly of internal parts

High final vacuum values

Reduced drying times

Total system automation


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Main features

Double combined rotation

The eccentric agitator, rotating simultaneously on its own axis and tangentially to the cylindrical chamber, guarantees a better mixing of the whole product.
The reduced size of the agitator in relation to the diameter of the chamber, allows higher rotation speeds, with a lower energy consumption than conventional industrial dryers. This means less energy is dissipated in the form of friction.

Total product discharge: Hold up Free

The Planex® System's horizontal dryer management software allows you to adjust the movement of the agitator, which oscillates while remaining immersed in the product. 
A solution, which allows high loading flexibility and maximum efficiency for treatment of small batches. For total product unloading, Hold up Free

Zero Friction®

The ZeroFriction® planetary motion of the agitator also prevents the heating effect due to the product rubbing against the surface of the drying chamber

The tangential approach of the blades to the surface of the chamber conveys the product into the smallest possible gap between them and prevents the formation of agglomerates. 
The result is even more effective drying and a controlled final grain size, which is impossible to achieve with conventional dryers.

Multi-product dryer

The Planex® system can be used with the widest possible range of products, both crystalline and amorphous in structure, thanks to the agitator movement with the "Stop & Swing" programme, which drastically reduces the time needed to retool the line, wash, clean and inspect the plant before changing processes in complete safety for operators, the environment and the product. 

From laboratory to installation, our pilot plant 

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From laboratory to installation, our pilot plant 


The patented Planex® System dryer features high load flexibility. The filling capacity changes depending on the dried product and the process. Even small quantities of product can be processed.

 Dimensions Planex System
PLANEX System PX 150 PX 300 PX 800 PX 1200 PX 2000 PX 2700 PX 3200
Total volume (l) 150 300 800 1200 2000 2700 3200
A mm 1400 1830 2300 2550 2980 3290 3470
B mm 2100 2770 2950 3210 3600 3850 4200
C mm 780 990 1230 1360 1590 1800 1800
D mm 1500 2000 2325 2600 2860 2955 3160
E mm 125 150 150 200 200 250 250
F mm 200 200 200 250 250 300 300
G mm 1200 1510 1700 2000 2200 2360 2550
In the parts in contact with the product, the Planex® System horizontal dryer is made of AISI 316L stainless steel or other weldable materials (such as ALLOY C-22 and AISI 904L). All walls of the drying chamber, the agitator shaft and the opening door are heated. 

The Planex vacuum dryer is equipped with special filtration systems, which keep the vacuum line clean.
In addition to the dryer, Italvacuum is the only company in the world able to manufacture in-house the auxiliary units that complete the system, including the vacuum system:

The Planex® System horizontal dryer has been designed and built to make cleaning operations fast and efficient.

  • Easy internal cleaning
  • Easy disassembly of internal parts
  • Easy internal inspection and swab testing
  • Easy external cleaning

Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

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