Vacuum pumps

Ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical processes

Simple design and innovative technology.
The result of a long and consolidated experience in the sector, each Italvacuum vacuum pump combines a simple and traditional design with highly innovative technical solutions. Among these mainly the new LubriZero® system - designed for double-stage models - which has almost eliminated oil consumption.
In the presence of all solvents, from the most common to the most aggressive (such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, chlorobenzene, dimethyl formamide), Italvacuum vacuum pumps guarantee:

  • Absolute safety for operators and the process​
  • Extreme ease and reliability in 24h / 24h operation​
  • High performance
    • Nominal flow rates up to 3800 m3/h
    • Vacuum levels up to 0,03 mbar
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to​:
    • Low energy consumption motors
    • Innovative LubriZero® system, with negligible oil consumption
  • Simple, economical and infrequent maintenance
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Saurus939, the vacuum pump with top performance

Particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications, because it guarantees a high tolerability to dust,
condensation and secondary products of distillation, maximum resistance to corrosion and a constant level
of vacuum and flow rate.

Saurus vacuum pump


The use of vacuum pumps in the fine chemical industry.

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How to solve the need for an uncontaminated vacuum in the pharmaceutical industry.
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