Vacuum pumps Italvacuum

The Italvacuum vacuum pump is particularly suitable for the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes. As a result of a long and consolidated experience in the field, Saurus939 combines a simple and traditional design with highly innovative technical solutions. Among these, in particular, the new LubriZero® system - designed for double stage models - which has virtually eliminated the oil consumption.

Designed to work with both the most common and the most aggressive of solvents, such as hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, chlorobenzene and dimethylformamide – Saurus939 guarantees:
  • Absolute safety for both operators and the process
  • Easy round-the-clock operation
  • High performance
    • Nominal flowrate upto 3800 m3/h
    • Vacuum level up to 0,03 mbar
  • Very low operating costs, thanks to:
    • Low energy consumption motors
    • Innovative LubriZero® system, with negligible oil consumption
    • Inexpensive and simple maintenance procedures.
Saurus939 vacuum pump is particularly suitable for the most demanding applications, thanks to its outstanding endurance against powders, condensate solvents and distillation byproducts, as well as its high resistance against corrosion, ensuring constant vacuum level and flow rate over time.

What are the main processes using vacuum pumps for the fine chemicals industry?
Reaction, vacuum drying, distillation and crystallization.

A few examples of the application of vacuum pumps for the pharmaceutical industry.

Areas of application: vacuum drying | distillation | reaction | crystallization