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Innovative by tradition
80 years of experience in vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers manufacturing

We have a bee in our bonnet: chasing the top-level quality, always

We believe in properly done things, because excellence is achieved over time

Being true to yourself is the best way to grow and innovate

To create what didn't exist before, you need to overcome the limit

The first spring of technology is the intuition generating the future

The true revolution passes through an unstoppable, regular and constant movement


Italvacuum is born. Not merely a manufacturing company, but a way to design, create, innovate.


Italvacuum becomes a reference point in vacuum pumps, with Saurus® 939


Italvacuum starts producing Cabinet dryers and becomes a leader in the Italian market


Italvacuum spreads across Europe with Static and dynamic dryers


Italvacuum reaches the top of innovation with CRIOX® System


Italvacuum launches new vacuum dryers: Cosmo Dry® System and Planex® System


Italvacuum is the only manufacturer in the world producing Complete turnkey plants

A tradition of value

Desire to grow, explore, innovate. And above all a fixed idea, right from the beginning: achieving the highest level of quality. The Italvacuum philosophy contains all the value of made in Italy.

Established in 1939, Italvacuum rapidly becomes a reference point for the design and manufacturing of vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers for the main production processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

During the 60s, after the establishment on the Italian market, an important step in the company’s evolution: the expansion in Europe. Italvacuum is at this point synonymous with excellence in the industry and increases its workforce, perfecting the manufacturing of dryers, both static and dynamic. Success was just around the corner: in the mid-80s comes CRIOX® System, the biconical rotary vacuum dryer/pulverizer that projects Italvacuum among the top innovators in its business line.

The 90s mark a new important acceleration in the company’s growth. Italvacuum reaches the global market and consolidates its structure: the company enhances Sales and Customer Service, creates the Engineering Office and introduces a highly efficient computerized management system for spare parts, ensuring prompt delivery anywhere in the world.

Constant Innovation

Nowadays, the approach has not changed: one unique phylosophy - constant innovation - and a singular goal, manufacturing excellence. In recent years, the company has consolidated its presence on the world markets, expanding and strengthening the range of its machines. Innovative and revolutionary solutions, like Planex® System, new horizontal paddle vacuum dryer with eccentric agitator with two independent movements. A multi-patented machine, that is conquering the most demanding customers in the world, ensuring results that were previously unthinkable with conventional systems.

The dryers range is completed by CosmoDry® System, innovative horizontal paddle vacuum dryer with concentric agitator, fitted with a shaft that can be disassembled in sections; and LaboDry, laboratory scale static dryer.

In addition, in recent years Italvacuum has enhanced the CRIOX® System special components line, introducing new devices for automatic loading and unloading of the product, and completed the tray vacuum dryers accessories range, implementing the MULTISPRAY automatic fast washing system.

Great innovations also for the vacuum pump Saurus939, totally renewed thanks to the introduction of new technologies, like the LubriZero® system, which ensures the highest possible performance with negligible oil consumption.

Brilliant technology

Italvacuum is the only manufacturer in the world that can produce internally turnkey plants, with all the auxiliary units that complete the system, vacuum pump included. Customized solutions for any vacuum process application and any production requirement, designed and manufactured based on specific customer needs.

These are Italvacuum’s history and know-how. A solid base from which to start every day, to achieve new solutions and to create what did not exist before.

Coccarda 80 anni Italvacuum

Established: 1939
Manufacturing facilities: over 5,000 square meters
Workforce: 70


Paddle, cabinet and rotary vacuum dryers, piston vacuum pumps.


chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and cosmetic industries producing

  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Intermediates

Italvacuum and its surroundings

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