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Pilot Tests, Engineering and Customer Service. Commissioning is just a small part of our relationship with customers who we continue to look after over the years.

Pilot tests
The best way to safely choose your system

Italvacuum has a complete range of pilot systems at its facilities which make it possible to carry out semi-industrial and laboratory drying tests on customer products.

Once the tests have been carried out, a report is drafted which includes all the data on the parameter performance and final conclusions on the tests performed.

If, due to organisational or product-related reasons, customers prefer performing the pilot tests at their own facilities, Italvacuum also has pilot skid systems which are easy to transport and simple to install. In these cases, Italvacuum provides its own technical staff to run the tests at the customer’s site.

During the pilot tests, product samples can be taken and analysed while process parameters can be changed to pinpoint the ideal performance of the drying cycle.

As a result, customers are given the opportunity to choose the most appropriate technology, best suited to their production requirements. At the same time, Italvacuum’s technical staff gathers useful information to correctly size the system.

Designers and technicians for you

The excellent level of technical know-how and extensive knowledge of the chemical and pharmaceutical field have led to the development of comprehensive expertise in vacuum processes within Italvacuum’s Technical Department.
Research and design development of new systems and the study of innovative technical solutions.
Customer technical support for choosing the system.
Design Qualification. Preparation of Layout and P&ID to install the system based on the customer's indications.
Project management and progress checks.
Documentation for system validation according to FDA regulations.
Factory Acceptance Test System testing at Italvacuum’s factory in the presence of the customer.
Site Acceptance Test System testing at the customer’s site.
verifica presso il cliente della corretta installazione in accordo alla documentazione tecnica (Installation Qualification)
Operational Qualification
Qualification at the customer’s site of the correct system operation according to the contractual specifications.
System start-up at the customer’s site.
System management training aimed at operators and maintenance technicians.
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Fast and effective answers to all questions.

Italvacuum’s customer service team consists of a highly specialised staff who operate in the following areas:

System commissioning is just the beginning of our relationship with the customer, a relationship that will last for years thanks to an efficient preventive maintenance program with regular system checkups. In this way, Italvacuum guarantees that your equipment will continue to operate efficiently throughout its service life, preventing costly downtime. Maintenance plans are organized on an individual basis and tailored to the customer’s specific processes. For the customer, all this means major cost savings and greater peace of mind.

In addition to offering remote on-line diagnostics, Italvacuum can provide prompt, effective technical assistance on the customer’s premises, sending trained personnel to solve any problems that may occur.

To deal efficiently with service parts, Italvacuum has a computerized inventory management system to ensure prompt delivery anywhere in the world. Kits of recommended service parts are also available to ensure that your equipment is in excellent operating conditions at all times. Using genuine Italvacuum service parts guarantees that your machinery will continue to operate perfectly year after year. As it maintains Italvacuum’s original quality, it is the most economical way to maximize the return on your investment.

Italvacuum will recondition its used equipment, painstakingly restoring it to its original level of performance. Work can be carried out at our own facilities or, on request, at the customer’s plant. In addition, Italvacuum, provides customers with ongoing support in upgrading their installations with new technical solutions or adapting them to the new ATEX regulations.

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