CosmoDry® System: an innovative horizontal paddle vacuum dryer

CosmoDry® System is an innovative horizontal paddle vacuum dryer, the result of highly advanced research by Italvacuum and of a careful analysis of the production requirements of the most demanding customers.

Power, load flexibility, drying speed, easy unloading, maximum quality of dried product. All important and fundamental values, but Italvacuum went even further. The great innovation of CosmoDry® System as opposed to traditional dryers, in fact, is in the particular structure of the agitator: the inner parts can be dismantled in different parts, quickly and easily. Which means very easy internal cleaning, maintenance and inspection: a mix of qualities that ensure the machine is always kept in perfect working order and optimize the production processes, making CosmoDry® System also the perfect solution for multi product applications.

CosmoDry® System is based on an operating philosophy indicated for drying wet flowing powder obtained from the filtering or centrifuge and is suitable for the production of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Fine Chemicals and Intermediates. In addition, an important value that has always been a strong point for Italvacuum: safety. CosmoDry® System is safe for both the operators and the product, because it is designed and manufactured in compliance with increasingly strict safety standards and in accordance with the cGMP and ATEX regulations.

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Maximum production efficiency

CosmoDry® System consists of a horizontal cylindrical chamber, containing a concentric agitator, fitted with a heated shaft which can be dismantled in different parts: this is the added value of CosmoDry® System, the quality that sets it apart from conventional paddle dryers.

 horizontal vane dryer with fixed body under vacuum

In fact, the ease of dismantling the agitator leads to easier access for internal cleaning and inspection, which permits a vast reduction in machine stops during the changeover from one product batch to another. In addition, the special features of the agitator profile enable continual product stirring and facilitate thermal exchange, reducing drying times. Moreover, mechanical and thermal stress can be limited, making CosmoDry® System also the ideal solution for treating thermo-sensitive products. But that’s not all, the agitator’s special features permit a reduction of product deposition to a minimum, making easy and efficient the unloading operation, for which a dedicated operation cycle has been introduced.

Lump breaking groups

One or two lump breaking groups can be installed inside the vacuum chamber (optional supply). The lump breakers, electrically operated, allow to powder and eliminate any possible agglomerate and obtain batches of uniform dried powders.
The position of the lump breakers and the agitator profile are optimized in order to obtain the maximum mixing and powdering efficiency.
The sealing systems guarantee absolute purity of the dried batch and perfect vacuum tightness.

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Filtering systems

Special filtering systems can be placed above the drying chamber, capable of meeting all process requirements: solutions with PTFE membrane filter bags or as an alternative filter cartridges in metal or with a PTFE membrane, the efficiency of which is guaranteed during the process by a nitrogen back-flowing automatic washing system.

For the best drying process, Italvacuum experience also indicates the use of an external heated cyclone safety filter, designed to avoid load loss and condensation phenomena, for complete protection of the vacuum line.

Construction materials

For the parts in contact with the product, CosmoDry® System is made in stainless steel AISI 316L, but other weldable materials can be used on request, such as ALLOY C-22 and AISI 904L.

The walls of the chamber, the port lid and the agitator shaft are heated by diathermic fluid circulation. The internal surfaces are mirror polished or electropolished for best corrosion resistance, reduction of product friction and simple cleaning operations.

The strengths are outlined below

  • Easiness of internal cleaning and washing, thanks to:
  • Agitator dismountable in different parts
  • Total absence of sharp corners in the drying chamber and rounded edges between the cylindrical walls and the back
  • C.I.P. systems that enable reaching the required residual p.p.m. value with few washing cycles
  • Agitator profile designed to limit mechanical and thermal stress on the product and reduce to a minimum the formation of agglomerates.
  • Very easy internal accessibility to the chamber for inspection and “swab” test thanks to the front port lid and the possibility of dismantling the agitator in different parts.
  • Paddles profile for each type of application
  • Very high final vacuum values
  • Further reduced drying times
  • Homogeneity and uniformity of dried batch thanks to the complete stirring of the product.
  • Gradual powdering of the product (with the optional supply of one or two lump breaking groups).
  • Very easy product unloading thanks to:
  • total absence of friction points on the product
  • reduced gap between the agitator paddles and the wall of the drying chamber
  • specific unloading programme
  • Very easy external clearing thanks to:
  • watertight cladding of the entire machine
  • absence of support frames in the clean room
  • possibility of installation in clean room with separation between clean room and technical room (Particle Free Configuration)
  • Total system automation capable of guaranteeing process reproducibility for all batches.

From the laboratory to installation: the best way for an accurate choice of industrial plant

Italvacuum has a complete range of pilot installations that allow semi-industrial drying and laboratory tests on customer products.

During the tests it is possible to extract and analyze product samples, without breaking the vacuum, and vary the process parameters at any moment to define the ideal drying cycle method.

In this way the customer is given the possibility to make the most appropriate technological choice for their requirements. The test is completed and formalized by drafting a detailed report with diagrams showing the trend of the main parameters and conclusions on the tests carried out.

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Pilot test drying

Easiness of cleaning

CosmoDry® System was designed and manufactured to ensure rapid and efficient cleaning operations. An important value for any machine, but fundamental for a dryer chosen by clients all over the world for its versatility and its use in multi product machinings. In fact, easy cleaning means improved practicality and simplicity for internal washing, inner parts dismantling, inspection and external cleaning.

Internal cleaning

The cylindrical shape of the drying chamber, the rounded edges and total absence of sharp corners ensure complete and accurate internal washing.

An operation which is guaranteed to work well through the use of an efficient C.I.P. (Clean in Place) system, with a hidden rotating head, that permits washing all product involved parts and allows reaching the residual p.p.m. values required with few washing cycles. In addition, the ease with which the agitator can be dismantled in different parts also consents separate washing of individual components.

Inner part dismantling

The agitator can easily be dismantled in different parts. An exclusive feature that makes CosmoDry® System a unique dryer of its type: in fact, in other paddle dryers, an agitator composed of just one structure can only be dismantled with the help of bulky equipment and long machine stops. Instead, CosmoDry® System ensures maximum production and cuts downtimes, thanks to the highly advanced Italvacuum technology tested in stirring solutions for vacuum drying.

Internal inspection

The ease of dismantling the agitator paddles not only leads to better internal cleaning, but also makes it easier to access and inspect the drying chamber. A feature that allows the operator more space and more possibility of movement, thus making it easier and faster to carry out the “swab” test. Furthermore, access to the drying chamber is made easier by the large port lid and front opening.

External cleaning

External cleaning of the CosmoDry® System is also easy. The watertight cladding of the entire machine (cGMP “particle free” configuration) covers the insulation, the electrical wiring and the hydraulic and pneumatic piping. In addition, there is no support frame in the clean room, but just the drying chamber flanged to the wall. This makes external cleaning extremely easy and efficient, preventing product friction in chinks and joints. These features, together with the “partitioning” solution, allow clean room installation, guarantee pressurization and separation of the clean room from the technical one.

Vacuum Dryer

As well as the dryer, Italvacuum is the only manufacturer in the world in this sector that can design and build internally the various auxiliary units that complete the plant, properly sizing them to meet every process requirement, vacuum system included:

  • High vacuum group Saurus939
  • Vacuum condensate group for drying times reduction and recovery of extracted solvents
  • External safety cyclone filter, designed to avoid pressure loss and condensation phenomena, for complete protection of the vacuum line
  • Heating and cooling group for system thermoregulation
  • PLC control system with CFR 21 Part 11 certified software, able to guarantee reproducible dried batches and interface with centralized control systems.


CosmoDry® System presents a great loading flexibility. It is manufactured in volumes ranging from 150 to 4.400 liters. The loading capacity varies, depending on the product to be dried and the process. CosmoDry® System can meet all the production needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as it is capable of processing small amounts of product as well as large batches. Maximum loading capacity is determined through tests with gradually increasing loads.

Dimensions CosmoDry System
COSMODRY System IHD 150 IHD 300 IHD 800 IHD 1200 IHD 1800 IHD 2700 IHD 3200 IHD 4400
Total volume (l) 150 300 800 1200 1800 2700 3200 4400
A mm 1300 1810 2300 2560 2900 3320 3480 3500
B mm 1800 2350 2700 2930 3260 3770 3970 3600
C mm 780 990 1230 1370 1500 1810 1810 1700
D mm 1600 2260 2610 3130 3360 3810 4120 4000
E mm 125 150 150 200 200 200 250 250
F mm 200 200 200 250 250 300 300 300
G mm 1150 1600 1800 2000 2050 2400 2600 2600

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