Paddle Dyer

CosmoDry® System is the innovative vacuum paddle dryer, the result of a highly advanced research and of a careful analysis of the production requirements of the most demanding customers.
It is suitable for the production of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API), Fine Chemicals and Intermediates.



Fine Chemicals



Food Ingredients & Additives

Highest production efficiency

Power, loading flexibility, drying speed, easy unloading, highest quality of dried product. Compared to conventional dryers, the special design of the agitator with heated shaft means that the internal parts can be dismantled into several sections, quickly and conveniently. This means maximum ease of cleaning, of maintenance and internal inspection: a mix of qualities keeping the machine in perfect working order and optimise production processes, making the CosmoDry® System the ideal solution even for multi-product applications.

CosmoDry® System is safe for the operators and the product, because it is designed and manufactured in compliance with increasingly stringent safety regulations and in accordance with cGMP and ATEX standards.

Certifications - Cosmodry System

Why choose Cosmo dry

 horizontal vane dryer with fixed body under vacuum

Demountable agitator paddles in different parts

Minimal build-up of agglomerates

Agitator profile for every application

Reduced drying time

Homogeneity and uniformity of the dried batch

Gradual powdering of the product 

Maximum ease of product discharge

Complete system automation

Clean in Place (C.I.P.) System

Maximum ease of internal cleaning and washing (SWAB TEST)

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Main features

Concentric agitator

Easy disassembly of the agitator means easier access for cleaning and internal inspection, reducing downtime when switching from one product group to another. 

The special profile of the agitator also allows continuous revolution of the product and promotes heat exchange, reducing drying time. In addition, it allows mechanical and thermal stress to be kept to a minimum, making CosmoDry® System the ideal solution for treating even thermolabile materials. But that's not all. The special features of the agitator reduce product deposits to a minimum, making unloading easy and effective, for which a special operating cycle has been introduced.

Diathermic Fluid

The walls of the chamber, the door and the agitator shaft are heated by circulating diathermic fluid. Internal surfaces are mirror polished or electropolished to optimise corrosion resistance, reduce product friction and facilitate cleaning.

Filtration systems

Special filtration systems can be positioned above the drying chamber to meet all process requirements: solutions with filter bags with PTFE membrane or alternatively metal filter cartridges or with PTFE membrane, whose efficiency during the process is guaranteed by an automatic backwashing system with nitrogen.

To optimize the drying process, Italvacuum experience also suggests the use of an external heated cyclone safety filter, designed to avoid pressure drops and condensation phenomena, to fully protect the vacuum line.

Lump breaker unit

One or two lump breaker units (optional equipment) can be used inside the chamber. The lump breakers, driven by electric motors, allow to pulverise and eliminate any product agglomerates, allowing to obtain uniform dry powder batches. The position of the lump breakers and the profile of the agitator blades are optimised for maximum mixing and product pulverisation efficiency.

From laboratory to installation, our pilot plant:

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CosmoDry® System features high loading flexibility. It is manufactured with total volumes from 150 to 4,400 litres. 

Dimensions CosmoDry System
COSMODRY System IHD 150 IHD 300 IHD 800 IHD 1200 IHD 2000 IHD 2700 IHD 3200 IHD 4400
Total volume (l) 150 300 800 1200 2000 2700 3200 4400
A mm 1300 1810 2300 2560 3000 3320 3480 3750
B mm 1800 2350 2700 2930 3360 3770 3970 4000
C mm 780 990 1230 1370 1600 1810 1810 1810
D mm 1600 2260 2610 3130 3360 3810 4120 4390
E mm 125 150 150 200 200 200 250 250
F mm 200 200 200 250 250 300 300 300
G mm 1150 1600 1800 2000 2050 2400 2600 2870

In the parts in contact with the product, CosmoDry® System is normally made of AISI 316L stainless steel, but on request it can be made of other weldable materials, such as ALLOY C-22 and AISI 904L

The walls of the chamber, the door and the agitator shaft are heated by circulating diathermic fluid. Internal surfaces are mirror polished or electropolished to optimise corrosion resistance, reduce product friction and facilitate cleaning.

In addition to the dryer, Italvacuum is the only company in the world able to manufacture in-house the auxiliary units that complete the system, suitably sized to meet every process requirement, including the vacuum system:

CosmoDry® System horizontal dryer has been designed and built to make cleaning operations fast and efficient. 

  • Easy internal cleaning
  • Easy disassembly of internal parts
  • Easy internal inspection and swab testing
  • Easy external cleaning

Our experts are on hand to help with the ideal configuration of your system!

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