Vacuum dryers Italvacuum

Italvacuum vacuum dryers ensure top-tier performance for the processing of wet powder from filtering and centrifuging processes for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fine chemicals and intermediates.

Original, cutting-edge and patented systems designed by Italvacuum: a company with over 75 years of experience and a relevant know-how in vacuum process applications. Merits that make Italvacuum’s range of dryers one of a kind. The range includes:

A revolutionary drying philosophy

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Planex® System. MULTI-PATENTED horizontal paddle vacuum dryer with ZeroFriction® planetary movement eccentric agitator.

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Powdering while drying.

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CRIOX® System. Rotary vacuum dryer/powderer with motor-driven lump breaker units for patented quality acknowledged all around the world.

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A consolidated ever evolving technology

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MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer. Vacuum tray dryer with the MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system for complete cleaning of all inner parts.

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The evolution of the species.

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CosmoDry® System. Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer with concentric agitator, fitted with a shaft that can be disassembled in sections, for maximum ease of cleaning and inspection.

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Effective mixing, efficient recovery.

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Tumble Dryer. Rotary cylindrical vacuum dryer used mainly in the drying, mixing and condensation processes of granulated plastics.


The ideal solution for small batches and high potency API.

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LaboDry. Laboratory-scale vacuum tray drying oven designed for glove box installation.

Italvacuum is the only manufacturer in the world that, in addition to the dryer itself, can design and produce internally all the auxiliary units that complete the plant, vacuum system included, properly sized to meet every process requirement:
  • Vacuum pump
  • External safety filter
  • Vacuum condensation unit with extracted solvent recovery tanks
  • Heating/cooling temperature control unit
  • PLC control system with software compliant with CFR 21 Part 11, capable of guaranteeing reproducible dried batches and interfacing with centralized control systems.