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Multispray® system is a cupboard dryer for maximum performance, ergonomics, safety and flexibility for any product batch. This vacuum tray dryer is the result of Italvacuum's consolidated experience in process applications in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.



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Drying has never been so easy

The important added value that differentiates the Multispray® dryer from conventional static systems is the guarantee of total cleaning of the internal chamber and all the radiant plates, in compliance with the increasingly restrictive FDA regulations and cGMP good manufacturing practice standards. Thanks to the patented rapid C.I.P. washing system with the Multispray® dryer, it is possible to completely clean the system in few minutes, in a repeatable and certifiable way, minimising washing liquid consumption.

Italvacuum's industrial static dryers are suitable for any application and use thanks to the fixed and removable plate versions, this one particularly suitable for multi-product applications.

In addition, for the production of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and R&D activities, Italvacuum has developed the LaboDry laboratory dryer.

Multispray certifications

Why choose the Multispray dryer?

Static dryer

Maximum production flexibility

Ideal for multi-product applications

Maximum efficacy even on small batches

Quick transitions from one product campaign to another

Patented C.I.P. rapid washing system

Perfect temperature uniformity

High vacuum values

"Particle-free" trays for complete product recovery

Ideal ergonomics

Patented system

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Main Features

Fixed plate version

Multispray® is an ideal pharmaceutical dryer, especially in its fixed plate version. The most valuable and delicate pharmaceutical products require extreme cleanliness and absence of possible contaminants.

The fixed shelves meet these requirements thanks to the special smooth geometry of the radiating plates, the minimal roughness of the processing surfaces, the rounded profiles and the maximum accessibility of the interior. 

The large front flange and the retraction of the support brackets allow easy recessed wall installation, enabling the clean room to be isolated from the technical room. The bottom of the cabinet is inclined towards the clean area to prevent the discharge of wash water from creating contamination with the technical room.

Version with removable plates

The Multispray® cabinet dryer with removable shelves provides all the advantages of the fixed plate version, but offers an important added value: it is equipped with plates assembled on a single, completely removable structure, to guarantee total accessibility of all surfaces exposed to the process. This innovation makes total cleaning of the system even easier and minimises the risk of cross contamination in the event of frequent changes of campaign.

The plate pack is extracted with the help of an external hydraulic trolley, completely made of stainless steel, equipped with antistatic polymer wheels. This trolley allows the operator to move the plate pack quickly, safely and effortlessly. Moreover, the use of the external hydraulic trolley does not require the presence of rails or wheels inside the cabinet, which would create great difficulties for cleaning and performing the swab test.

C.I.P. Multispray® and mobile washing unit

The C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® diffuser, equipped with washing heads capable of effectively cleaning the internal walls and shelves, is installed on the dryer door. The washing heads are specially designed and developed by Italvacuum in process compatible materials to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency with minimum consumption of washing liquid.

The mobile washing unit consists of a stainless steel tank, through a closed circuit, and is equipped with pneumatic PTFE diaphragm pumps, which feed the C.I.P. diffuser optimally, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency.

The mobile washing unit is equipped with antistatic polymer wheels, thus complying with ATEX and cGMP directives, as well as allowing easy and safe handling.

Certified efficiency and external cleaning

The patented C.I.P. Multispray® rapid cleaning system ensures an efficiency of over 98% with the plates inside the cabinet and 100% with the plate pack removed from the drying chamber. This result is certified by a washing test carried out by specialised and qualified personnel using riboflavin as a tracer agent. The performed washing operation guarantees an optimal and repeatable result over time.

The dryers are also easy to clean from the outside thanks to the watertight door cover. In addition, the large front flange and the retraction of the support brackets allow for recessed wall installation, completely separating the clean room from the technical room.

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The Italvacuum static vacuum dryers are available in a vast range of dimensions.

Vacuum dryer - Multispray
Fixed shelves version
Model EO,2 S EO,5 S E1 S E1,5 S E1,75 S E2,5 S E3,5 S
Inner volume lt 250 600 1150 1530 1960 2730 4000
Inner dimensions
(W x D x H)
mm 570x560x790 670x1060x840 1040x1060x1045 1040x1060x1385 1270x1060x1455 1550x1060x1660 1550x1560x1660
Number of heating shelves -- 6 7 9 11 13 15 15
Heating shelves dimension
(W x D)
mm 500x500 600x1000 970x1000 970x1000 1200x1000 1480x1000 1480x1480
Number of trays -- 6 14 36 44 52 90 60
Trays dimensions
(W x D x H)
mm 480x480x40 600x480x40 480x480x40 480x480x40 600x480x40 480x480x40 710x710x40
Useful surface area m2 1,4 4 8,3 10 15 20,7 30,2

W = width D = depth H = height

Extractable shelves version

Model EO,33 P.E E0,9 P.E E1,6 P.E E2,7 P.E E3.9 P.E E5.5 P.E
Inner volume lt 340 900 1660 2600 3400 5200
Inner dimensions
(W x D x H)
mm 600x650x870 760x1185x1000 1140x1185x1230 1380x1185x1590 1660x1185x1720 1820x1685x1690
Number of heating shelves -- 6 7 9 13 15 28
Heating shelves dimension
(W x D)
mm 500x500 600x1000 970x1000 1200x1000 1480x1000 750x1500
Number of trays -- 6 14 36 52 90 56
Trays dimensions
(W x D x H)
mm 480x480x40 600x480x40 480x480x40 600x480x40 480x480x40 750x750x40
Useful surface area m2 1,4 4 8,3 15 20,7 31,5

W = width D = depth H = height

AISI 316L stainless steel is used for the parts in contact with the product. For special applications where there are problems related to the aggressiveness of the treated products or solvents, the cabinet dryer is equipped with materials such as AISI 904L, ALLOY C-22, or FDA approved anti-corrosive coatings, such as PFA.
The external parts are made of AISI 304L stainless steel.

In addition to the cabinet dryer, Italvacuum can also supply the components that complete the system to make it a vacuum dryer, suitably sized to meet any process requirement:

Static dryers are designed to make cleaning operations fast, effective, repeatable and certifiable. The patented rapid cleaning system, Multispray® , consisting of a C.I.P. diffuser and a mobile cleaning unit, allows the cleaning of the chamber and internal shelves in few minutes, minimising the consumption of liquid

This is the great added value that distinguishes cabinet dryers from conventional dryers. In addition to the total cleaning of the internal parts, this exclusive washing system protects the safety of the operator, avoiding prolonged contact with any product residues and solvents present inside the dryer. 

  • C.I.P. Multispray® diffuser
  • Mobile washing unit
  • Certified efficiency
  • External cleaning

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