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Bi-Evolution Dryer® is a bi-conical rotary vacuum dryer able to carry out the complete extraction of solvents and water from wet masses, usually after centrifugation and filtration steps.

Bi-Evolution Dryer® is multi-product. It has been designed for the widest range of possible products with crystalline or amorphous structures, whether they are intermediates or fine chemicals. It is also efficient at drying products that are friable, easily degraded, thermosensitive and photosensitive, as well as sterile / injectable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or chemically reactive ingredients.

Bi-Evolution Dryer® is versatile as it minimizes the time required to be cleaned and inspected, permitting it to rapidly change from one product campaign to another.

Bi-Evolution Dryer® is safe for operators and is designed and built in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. It is cGMP compliant and manufactured to UL and ASME Standards, including the associated certificates.

Bi-Evolution dryer certifications


Fine Chemicals



Metal Powders

Food Ingredients & Additives

Color pigment


 Industrial dryer

A shape designed for the best possible results

Everything in Bi-Evolution Dryer®, from the robust structure to the smallest detail, is conceived to grant the best possible effectiveness of the drying process. The central body of Bi-Evolution Dryer® consists of a bi- conical rotaring drying chamber, characterized by soft lines without edges and sharp corners. During the rotation, this dryer allows the total and continuous revolution of the product mass to be dried and homogenously mixed. The speed of rotation of the chamber is adjustable, permitting an agitation ranging from delicate to moderate. This allows even the processing of products with weak bonds, without modifying their molecular structure. Regarding the parts in contact with the product, the standard version of Bi-Evolution Dryer® is made of stainless steel 316L, but on request it can be made of other weldable materials, such as Hastelloy C-22 and stainless steel type 904L or coated.

Effective filtering systems on the inner suction pipe

The filtering unit must be able to keep all of the powder in the drying chamber, letting only the solvent vapours pass through. At the same time, it must ensure the lowest possible pressure drop, in order to achieve very low final pressure values. Italvacuum offers filtering systems able to meet all of the process requirements: i.e. metal sintered cartridge filters or PTFE filters, suitable for very small diameter powders and whose effectiveness during the process is ensured by an automatic cleaning system for nitrogen back- flow washing.

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Maximum cleanability

A machine suitable for multiple products must be, above all, easy to clean in order to:

  • meet the validation procedures set by FDA Standards
  • avoid product contamination
  • help and speed up changes in product campaigns.

The ease of cleaning of chemical and pharmaceutical industrial systems is usually referred to the following general criteria: internal washing, inspection and dismantling of internal parts, external washing.

Internal washing

Due to the rotation of the drying chamber and the bi-conical internal shape, very few rinses with small quantities of fluid are necessary to achieve the required ppm. values, hence reducing the quantity of wastewater to be disposed of. Furthermore, inside the chamber, a C.I.P. (Clean In Place) device can be applied, able to spray the washing fluid in all directions. Thanks to this fast and complete internal cleaning, Bi-Evolution Dryer® facilitates the easy shift from one product campaign to another.

Inspection and dismantling of internal parts

Inspection and dismantling of internal parts are possible by opening the manhole port lid and the loading hopper. That allows to perform the SWAB test required by the FDA standards for the validation of the washing procedures, with extreme ease and safety. Inside the drying chamber, Bi-Evolution Dryer® presents only the powder filter that can be easily pulled out by means of a special tool.

External washing

Bi-Evolution Dryer® can be easily cleaned both inside and outside. Due to the waterproof casing of the entire machine (cGMP “particle free” configuration), covering insulation, electrical and hydraulic circuits, the external cleaning is extremely easy and effective. This characteristic, combined with the “partitioning” solution, allows the installation in a clean room, allowing the pressurization and separation of the clean room from the technical area.

Turn-key systems

Italvacuum can design and build internally, in addition to the dryer itself, all the auxiliary units to complet the system, properly sizing them to meet every process requirement:

  • high vacuum group Saurus939®
  • vacuum condensation group for reduction of drying time and recovery of extracted solvents
  • heated external safety cyclone filter, designed to avoid pressure losses and condensation phenomena, for a complete protection of the vacuum line
  • heating and cooling group for system thermoregulation
  • control panels with PLC for complete plant management, provided with sofware that is certifiable according to CFR 21 – Part 11 regulations, and that guarantees reproducibility of the dried batches and communication with centralized supervision systems.
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Automatic loading / unloading systems

In order to load and unload the product, Italvacuum incorporated pneumatic systems that allow for a fixed connecting position and a movable element to be connected every time to the hopper of Bi-Evolution Dryer®, hence creating a closed connection, perfectly insulated from the surrounding environment. For each loading / unloading solution, the flexibility of the design and the specific configuration of Bi-Evolution Dryer® allows both the use of butterfly valves (standard equipment) and active or passive split valves, that are mounted directly on the dryer.

Pneumatic drum loader

To load the product, a pneumatic drum-loader is also available. This device is directly mounted on the dryer and consists of a pneumatically-actuated moving part, able to connect the drum, containing the batch to be treated to the hopper of Bi-Evolution Dryer®.

Total unloading system: “The Easy Unloading”

For products that, due to their specific properties, create bridges once dried, Italvacuum designed a special unloading device that, through its rotation, permits the total removal and extraction of poorly-flowing dried products. This device – called Easy Unloading - ensures the absolute vacuum tightness and causes no problem for internal cleaning of the dryer.

Safety filter

From the experience acquired in the optimization of the drying process, Italvacuum suggests also the use of a heated external safety cyclone filter, designed to avoid pressure losses and condensation phenomena, for a complete protection of the vacuum line.

Lump-breaking units: Criox® System

Also two lump-breaking blade sets can be installed on the machine. They not only avoid agglomerate formation but also powderize the mass during the last step of the process, limiting the subsequent use of the mill as much as possible. Moreover, they reduce the drying time, ensuring extremely low moisture levels, mainly in case of products with amorphous structure. Italvacuum calls Criox® System the bi-conical rotary vacuum dryer equipped with lump-breaking units. For further information / more details about this optional, please see the specific catalog / the specific product page.


Bi-Evolution Dryer® can be designed for a wide range of capacities with total volumes ranging from 55 to 12.000 litres. The maximum recommended loading level is a function of the individual product. The dimensions below change in the event that the dryer is equipped with lump-breaking units.

 Bi-evolution Dryer dimensions
Bi-Evolution Dryer® model 55 200 350 600 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 12000
Totalvolume (l) 55 200 350 600 1000 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 12000
A (mm) 960 1330 1470 1700 1980 2390 2730 3000 3360 3560 4070
B (mm) 2625 3075 3340 3670 4060 4420 4780 5190 5510 6020 6430
C (mm) 1675 2095 2165 2445 2695 3050 3255 3440 3780 3880 4135
D (mm) 805 890 780 830 810 730 635 554 530 380 130
E (mm) 1448 1796 1900 2175 2420 2770 2975 3120 3490 3580 3850
F (mm) 1195 1430 1430 1595 1705 1855 1900 1940 2100 2100 2100

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