Cylindrical vacuum dryer
Effective mixing, efficient recovery

Italvacuum’s rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers are designed chiefly for drying, mixing and condensation operations in the manufacture of granulated plastics: chips, beads, slices, pellets, scraps, etc. Their manufacturing specifications make these dryers ideal for processes that request high vacuum levels in combination with high temperatures, e.g.:

  • Regrading PET and PBT compounds
  • Solid-state post-condensation of PA 6, PA 6.6, PES, PET, PBT, PTT
  • Drying plastic granulates.

The dryer’s skewed cylindrical configuration and continuous rotation ensures effective product mixing. As a result, the final blend is uniform in terms of both viscosity and residual moisture.

In addition, vacuum drying eliminates oxygen, thus preventing the formation of unwanted secondary compounds or explosive mixtures with the extracted solvents.

The dryer’s gentle mixing action ensures that the product is not subjected to mechanical shock and thus limits the amount of fine particulates: a must in this kind of processing.

Another feature of Italvacuum rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers is the ease with which all points of the chamber interior can be accessed for inspection and cleaning.

Rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers are available in a wide range of sizes, with total volumes from 350 to 16,000 liters.