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 fatty acid

Substance category

Apis Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Chemical Synthesis


Solvent degradation (dichloromethane) and entrainment


Important company in the Italian pharmaceutical chemicals sector
Need to synthesise methylene chloride.


Its ability to mix with a large number of organic products makes it one of the main solvents used in synthesis processes.

However, high temperature conditions can lead to its degradation with deposition and entrainment of carbonaceous solid residue on the vacuum unit, which is downstream of the entire process.


In accordance with the needs of the process, the vacuum unit used is a Saurus939 mod. VVD double-stage piston pump with AISI VALVES, atmospheric post-condensing unit and collection tank for solvent recovery. The entire system is installed on skid, compact and easy to handle.

Its low rotational speed (250 rpm), 1/12 of the average speed obtainable by a dry pump (3000 rpm) combined with a continuous flow of fresh oil, allows constant removal of sludge from the vacuum zone, keeping moving parts free of impurities.

In cases of high drag and deposition of carbonaceous solid residue in the vacuum zone, short but frequent washing cycles can be carried out during the process. Their frequency depends on the degree of drag and can be carried out during process steps without causing interruptions.

The flushing cycle returns the pump to an optimal operating condition, maximum uptime and complete reliability over the long term.

Further strengths of the Saurus939 

1. Routine and extraordinary maintenance operations are easy to perform
2. Assistance from specialised technicians on site
3. Immediate availability of spare parts
4. Low running costs of the vacuum unit

Customer Feedback

Despite the harshness of the process to which the vacuum unit is subjected, the SAURUS939 is the winning solution in terms of performance and reliability. The steam cleaning cycles minimise maintenance and associated costs while extending the life of the vacuum unit.

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