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Chemical Synthesis


Vacuum pump corrosion phenomena


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During the chemical synthesis process, despite the presence of a well design vacuum condensing unit, hydrochloric acid vapours are dragged up to the vacuum group creating corrosion phenomena due to its chemical attack on the pump construction material.


The solution proposed by Italvacuum is the use of a SAURUS 939 mod. VVC, hot cylinder double stage, Hastelloy C22 discharge valve.

The hot double stage cylinder doesn’t allow condensation phenomena on the pump. The solvent is condensed on the atmospheric post-condensing unit installed downstream the pump and collect on a recovery tank.

Moreover, the continuous fresh oil flow creates a layer all around the internal part, protecting material of construction of the pump against chemical attack, even the most aggressive ones.

At the end of the process, before stopping the pump, it is just needed to let the pump runs alone (not connected with the process) to remove and take out all the potential residuals and impurities may still be present on the vacuum zone.

This procedure keeps clean the pump and ready to start with a new batch.

Further strengths of the Saurus939

1. high performance
2. easy routine maintenance
3. ready accessibility to spare parts

Customer feedback

The customer is satisfied with the technology provided and has chosen to buy more vacuum pumps to integrate into its production cycle.

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