Black sludge formation in the FATTY ACID extraction steps 

04/07/2022 by Italvacuum
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Creation of black sludge with the stop of the vacuum pump or critical parts


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Fatty Acid production for the bio energy sector.


During the vacuum process has been found one of the most common phenomena related with such distillation.

It can be described as creation of black sludge, a carbon by-product, with a high tendency to solidify, especially in cold spots, with the consequent shout down of the normal process operation.


The solution proposed by Italvacuum is the use of a SAURUS939 mod. VVD,double stage with hot cylinder and stainless stell discharge valves.

The low rotation speed (250rpm) 1/12 of the average speed attainable by a dry pump (3000 rpm), combined with a continuous fresh oil flow allow to remove impurities, sludges and all the secondary reaction products from the vacuum zone, keeping clean and free all the moving parts.

In case of massive sludge presence on the vacuum zone, it might be necessary, during the process, short but frequent cleaning cycles.

Their frequency depends on the sludge creation rate, and it can be performed during the process without stopping the process.

The washing cycle re-establish the proper pump running, its good performances, reliability and outstanding robustness over the years.

Futurest Strenghts Of Saurus 939

1. easy and fast access for ordinary maintenance operations
2. skilled technicians for on-site assistance 
3. spare parts availability, minimizing the downtime process

Customer Feedback

The customer is satisfied with the technology provided and has chosen to buy more vacuum pumps to integrate into its production cycle.

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