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News | 23/02/2017

Planex® System wins Dry Trophy Innovation Award.

Revolutionary vacuum drying concept

Planex® System, paddle vacuum dryer with eccentric agitator featuring two independent movements, won the prestigious Dry Trophy Innovation Award, organized by NWGD (Dutch Working Group on Drying) and sponsored by the Dutch government, which promotes drying innovation, especially with regard to energy savings.

Award motivations are:

  • Energy consumption three times lower than in conventional dryers
  • Threefold reduction in mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Guaranteed final particle size
  • Ideal for processing also small batches
  • Easy total discharge
  • Fast paddles dismantling.

News | 20/07/2015

Tray vacuum dryers with automatically opening door

No product contact for maximum safety.

Italvacuum has designed and manufactured a new system for the opening / closing of its tray vacuum dryers’ door.

The door is operated by a ATEX compliant hydraulic system with vertical movement.

This innovation, coupled with an automatic dryer loading and unloading system, provides the ideal solution for high toxic risk productions, preventing the personnel from having any contact with the product.

News | 18/12/2013

Horizontal paddle vacuum dryers: new CosmoDry range with concentric agitator.

Designed for ease of cleaning and interior inspection.

As part of our unceasing pursuit of cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, Italvacuum has introduced the new CosmoDry lineup of horizontal paddle vacuum dryers with concentric agitator.

The new CosmoDry vacuum dryers are easy to clean and inspect, as the agitator paddles can be disassembled in several sections without lengthy downtime. This makes the new lineup ideal for multi-product applications.


News | 09/11/2013

Vacuum tray dryers: new laboratory-scale range

The ideal solution for small batches

Italvacuum, always committed to optimizing and extending its product lineup, has introduced the new LaboDry range of vacuum tray dryers for laboratory-scale production. Featuring separate cell construction with skid-mounted auxiliary accessories, these units are designed for installation in a glove box. As for the materials in contact with the product, Italvacuum laboratory-scale vacuum tray dryers can be produced in AISI 316L (1.4404), AISI 904L (1.4539), ALLOY C-22 (2.4602) and Duplex stainless steels.